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Welcome to Canyon Rim Academy!

Academic excellence is within reach at Canyon Rim Academy, a new public K-6 charter school located below Parley’s Canyon. Canyon Rim Academy is nestled in the quiet Canyon Rim community of Salt Lake County, adjacent to a twelve-acre county park and within easy access to from I-80 and I-215. Canyon Rim Academy occupies the former Canyon Rim Elementary property located at 3005 South 2900 East, which it leases from Granite School District.


Immediately after Granite determined to close Canyon Rim Elementary, a group of parents living nearby began the arduous process of preparing a charter application, competing with over 15 other applicants for one of the three remaining charters available from the State Board of Education. Erik Olson, President of Canyon Rim Academy’s Board of Trustees, attributes the school’s success to the top-notch education plan in its charter application, together with the commitment of parents to make the school a reality: “Based on our education plan centered on E.D. Hirsch’s Core Knowledge Sequence, complemented by Envision/Singapore Math, together with numerous other curriculum enhancements and programs, we consider Canyon Rim Academy to be the premier Utah elementary school.”


With Core Knowledge and Envision Math (supplemented with Singapore strategies) at the heart of the school curriculum, together with courses in art, music, P.E., and computer technology, and programs to enhance student literacy, Canyon Rim Academy is able to provide a well rounded liberal arts education to students that will prepare them for intermediate and secondary education.  The curriculum at Canyon Rim Academy meets and exceeds the state core curriculum requirements.


Canyon Rim Academy has a service learning emphasis that is based on the concept of applied learning. Through service with various community partnerships, students are given the opportunity to apply learned concepts directly.


Please visit the schedules and lottery pages of the website for more information about enrolling your child at Canyon Rim Academy.  Please direct any questions to

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